Christmas treats

Late White x2 Christmas Beth Druce 2015

hello late white 2012

Since we introduced our late, hand harvested Semillon last year we have regularly been asked when the latest vintage will be available. Well I’m pleased to let you know that its now available

I’ve always wanted to make a sticky but the Cotes de Bourg is not a suitable place to make it because of the limestone soil. Semillon need good clay soil to flourish and the area east of Bordeaux is traditionally the best for this. With the aid of Ludwig my consultant we have therefore chosen to buy our grapes and make our sticky in the Appelation of Saussignac. This AOC is next to Montbazillac which is better known but in comparison to the wines of Montabzillac, Saussignac is less sweet and more savory. I think a better balance.
“A half bottle is never enough and a full bottle is too much”: Often said, so we decided to bottle it in 50cl bottles. Its 100% Semillion. The grapes are left on the vine until botrytised and then hand harvested, fermented in Barrel and then conditioned in oak for 18 months. This is a very limited production as only 300 bottles (or one barrel) were produced
Tasting Notes: With aromas of honey and dried apricots and a hint of orange zest, at 12%. £12 per bottle, click here to buy.

christmas tastings

Tastings this year have been fun.

IMG_1516Ive met lots of new people and its great to see the interest growing in artisan wines. There are still more tastings to follow this side of christmas so don’t miss out. like our facebook page and also follow wild wine club to get the latest event info in advance. Hope to see you soon.



christmas treats

Our seasonal Christmas treats case this year contains 6 bottles of festive favourites (2 bottles of Wild White 2014, 2 bottles of Chateau Civrac 2008 and 2 bottles of Late White 2012) priced at £65 this will be a perfect present for a wine loving friend or just a treat for your Christmas table. click here to buy

Christmas Treat Selection 2 Beth Druce 2015



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