Cornish Cool

Why is Cornwall so cool? Ok I’m biased but Cornwall is currently such a cool place for food and drink and lifestyle. It seems that every week there is another new feature journalist here or another article extolling Cornwall as the new food and drink destination and highlighting the qualities of Cornwall and its’ aspirational coastal lifestyle.


You only have to take a look at a new book ‘saltwater kitchen cookbook‘ by Louise Searle to get a feel of this: Inspired by surf and good quality simple food. What is it that gives Cornwall this eclectic mix? … Maybe it’s life next to the sea; maybe it’s the way travelling surfers have brought back tastes and culture from all over the world; maybe it’s because, as a poorer county, simple pleasures are positively embraced. For whatever reason it really is an exciting place to be.

Last friday night, I was lucky enough to take part in a new element of this movement: #wildwineclub  and Debbie Warner aim to bring food and wine together in beautiful unexpected places. Friday’s matched food and wine tasting was on the beach at Whipsiderry under a towering cliff as the tide came in and the sun set. A huge fire pit was the kitchen for fresh seafood from Adam Banks and I provided the wine that Debbie had matched with Adams food.

photo by Lewis Harrison Pinder

You can read more about this evening, the food and the wines matched by visiting here: