Super Malbec

2013-11-22 13.25.20Super Malbec was a wine I first made in 2010. This year saw a fantastic conditions for our Malbec and the grapes were fully mature at the point of harvest. potential alcohol was measured at 14.5% and the colour was of an unprecedented density.

Traditionally, all these grapes would have been fermented together with the less impressive Merlot and their individuality would have been lost.

markVideo2007ScreenGrabWe chose this year to treat the best parcel of this Malbec separately: to ferment and subsequently condition in specially selected oak casks. So our Super Malbec cuvé was created.

Finished at 14% with intense colour, a rich mocha and blueberries nose: This is a monster wine that has been conditioned in Oak for 18 months.

Ideal as a compliment to red meat and rich sauces.

Mark Hellyar


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