Element was the name of the first simple, binTwoElement10single varietal wine we made in 2007. This was a year of lighter wines with generally poor growing conditions. When it came to the point of blending the Grand Vin, unlike other properties, we chose to treat our Merlot separately.  In fact treating it more like a Pinot Noir than a Merlot. It was only 11.5% which would have been looked down upon by the Bordelaise; blending it to hide that away. Instead, we chose to treat it like a lighter wine: embracing the lighter delicate flavours, softer tannins and then bottling it simply with a screw cap. Created our first house style wine that has proved to be very popular.


Tasting Notes: As the name suggests, The Merlot is simply an ‘element’ of the varietals that go to make up our wine. Element is a light and fruity single varietal Merlot. Juicy soft fruit tannins and no oak conditioning. 12%

Mark: http://www.chateaucivrac.com


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