Grand Vin

Every vineyard has a signature wine and this takes time to establish, understand and recognize.IMG_0429 Seasons vary and grape harvests will change. Each year we need to respond to the climate in a different way. I think that its taken the full 9 years Ive been there to really understand this.

Our Grand Vin is our signature blend. Made from our 4 grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec and Cabernet Franc. Each year we ferment the varietals separately and then after final fermentation around February onwards we are tasting and re-tasting the resulting wine in order to decide how to blend and condition the wines from that year to make the best possible expression of Civrac that we can.

Each year will be subtly different in blend and balance but the final result will be identified by our signature. For me this is becoming a delicate smokey plummy note from the Merlot that grows so well in our plots 3 and 4. or the best southerly slope for those of you that have not visited.

Tasting Notes: Complex nose comprising of plumby Merlot, Juicy Cabernet and spicey Malbec. smokey notes and mocca mid pallet. Long oak finish. 13-14%.

Mark Hellyar


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