Posh Bag in Box

Chateau Civrac has produced in conjunction with Tate the first ‘posh bag in box’ wine. the box imagecombines an easy drinking red Bordeaux wine with ultra contemporary packaging and minimalist modern art.

Tate restaurants are to start selling a specially blended Bordeaux red in all of their restaurants. The wine has been specially selected and blended by Tate wine buyer and writer, Hamish Anderson working closely with Mark Hellyar of Chateau Civrac.

The ‘posh bag,in box’ has been designed to challenge some of the preconceptions against this type of packaging. Tate are keen to assert their environmental credentials. There is a 30% weight saving and therefore associated transport cost savings

Hellyar says. “We’ve been making a contemporary Merlot called Element for four years. I’d been looking at the BiB format for some time but wasn’t sure about people’s perception of it. When the opportunity to work with Hamish arose, it was the perfect time for me to combine a contemporary Cabernet/Merlot blend with my love of art.”

Hellyar chose the name “Indigo” for the wine in a nod to his childhood, which was spent on the Cornish coast. “I like to choose unusual names for my wines and I grew up next to the sea so Indigo seemed a perfect fit. Cabernet has a fantastic blue bloom on it, so it’s also a nod to that.”

Hellyar enlisted the help of his Padstow-based artist friend David Pearce to design the artwork on the box, which depicts bobbing boats in a harbour. David Pearce is self-taught and widely exhibited internationally, Pearce’s primitive paintings combine a spontaneity of composition with an exciting use of colour.

“I decided to package the wine in a modern white box inspired by the way Apple presents its products. I love Pearce’s simple, evocative style that resonates with my own ambitions for my wine. The work is open to interpretation, which empowers the viewer in the same way wine empowers the taster. initially my ideas have been met with scepticism in Bordeaux but I am convinced that the UK consumer will be responsive to this.” says Hellyar.

Indigo is packaged in a three-litre box, the 12% abv Indigo will go on sale by the glass at the Tate group’s restaurants next week and will also be on sale via Cornwall-based distributor Wadebridge Wines. RRP £30.

Chateau Civrac is a contemporary Bordeaux boutique wine producer. Owned by Cornishman Mark Hellyar his wines are hand made in small quantities, are fruit driven with softer tannins and are made with respect for nature. www.chateaucivrac.com  +441392 248076

Hamish Anderson is an author, a feature writer and wine and food buyer for Tate.

David Pearce is an artist who’s work has been shown in numerous exhibitions around the world including “Acidental genius” Milwaukee Art Museum, The London Art Fair and the Outsider Art Fair, New York. www.padstowfineart.com


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